The Power of A Hand Stamped Card!

Wanted to share my recent experience when traveling to California to see my youngest daughter. First let me just say, Never underestimate the power of a hand stamped card! Prior to leaving I grabbed about 6 “Thank You” cards and wrote the following message in each of them; “Thank you for your service today. I really appreciated it”. As it often happens, my flight was delayed causing me to miss my connecting flight in Atlanta. This also caused me to lose precious time with my daughter because now instead of getting to Sacramento at 11am, I would be getting in at almost 5pm and instead of one connection, now I had 3 more! Ugh! Anyway the flight attendant at the gate was very nice and was trying to get me aisle seats for the rest of my flights (3 more) but the computer only would allow him to get me an aisle seat for the next leg of my trip. I thanked him for trying and as I walked away I gave him one of my cards. Well even before my flight left the runway, I got an email saying that my next two flights had been upgraded to first class!!!! Thank you Tony!!! (The attendants name). On my way home, my oldest daughter was traveling with me and we both had aisle seats but not side by side but one in back of the other. So I went to the attendant at the gate and asked her if she could possibly arrange our aisle seats across from each other. She said she was busy at the moment but would see what she could do. Well about 15 minutes later I was paged back to the gate desk and the attendant had indeed arranged for our seats across from each other. It was a 5 hour flight so to be able to spend some time together was special. As we were getting ready to board the plane, I stopped at the desk to give the attendant a card but she was busy with another customer so I gave it to the lady next to her and asked her to give it to her. This lady turned out to be her supervisor. Well half way down the tube to the plane, the supervisor found me and told me Thank you so much for giving the attendant the beautiful card. That it meant so much to the attendant and also the the supervisor. She said it wasn’t often that anyone ever said anything nice to them. Usually it was always complaints. I told the supervisor that the attendant had been kind enough to honor my request even when she was super busy and was nice as well. So I know this is a long entry but I wanted to say a card can go a long way, not only for us but for others. Many of us hoard our cards and they pile up in a drawer somewhere. They are meant to be shared and to give others pleasure. So hope this helps someone else as it did me and a few flight attendants.



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