Christmas Is Just Around The Corner

One reminder that Christmas is getting closer is in the stores.  I can’t believe how stores are already putting out decorations, gifts, and yes even Christmas cards!  It will be here before we know it but come on!  We still have Halloween and Thanksgiving to give our attention to.    I am gearing up with classes for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  I know a lot of my customers don’t do Halloween cards but how fun would it be to send one to someone special anyway?  How about an older person who lives by themselves?  Or a niece or nephew?  How about the little boy down the street or a friend’s child?  Or maybe send one to the Children’s Hospital for a child lying in a hospital bed for Halloween?  I personally love Halloween and love the colors and the images that Stampin Up provides us with.   Thanksgiving time is when you are reminded of everything that you are grateful for.  Family, friends, home, health, and the food on the table.  So maybe your relatives live far away like mine do.  You can’t be there for Thanksgiving but you can send a card to tell everyone how thankful you are for them.   And then there is Christmas.  We tend to send more cards for this special day than any other.   I love making Christmas cards and have done it for many years.  Some stampers like to choose one image and make multiple cards with it.  Some want a simple card and some like to embellish, embellish, embellish!  That’s usually me!  But today I want to share a quick and simple card you can make.   You will need the Quilted Christmas Designer Series and the Christmas Quilt Stamp set.  IMG_3102.JPG

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