Two Milestones

ImageSo March has been a big month for me.  I celebrated my 30th wedding anniversary on the 11th and turned 60 five days later.  My family kept asking me what I wanted to do for my birthday and I said I just wanted to play up in my stamp room all day.  They seemed good with that.  Of course my husband said maybe we would catch lunch if I felt like it.  So noon comes and goes and I’m still home and my hubby is just messing around out in the yard.  By this time I’m starving and wondering if we are going out or not.  If not then I’m ready to stamp!  Finally about 12:45 he’s ready to take me to lunch and says we are going to one of our favorite places to eat because they have corn beef and cabbage for half price and the proceeds are going to some charity.  He asked me if I was okay with that.  Of course I was.  I just wanted to eat.  I was STARVING!  So we walk into the restaurant and instead of waiting for the hostess to seat us, my husband just walked in toward the back of the place and I followed wondering what he was doing (me clueless!).  Well we get to the back and hang a left and lo and behold, my daughters, son,  and about 50 of my friends and relatives were there yelling surprise!!!  I couldn’t believe it.  A surprise birthday party for me.  I had no idea.  But I loved it and love all the work and effort that my family and friends went through to make it happen.  They even had a video of my friends and family who couldn’t make it that lived around the country send me wishes.  The day was just magical and I am still on cloud 9.  Thank you all who participated.  60 is starting out pretty good!  

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